Maths for Fun – Rang 1

First Class were busy this term focusing on Maths For Fun. Here are a few photos of some of the activities they regularly engaged with.

Reciting counting to 100, while completing movement exercises and moving to the music, this was a big hit every morning with all the students and helped them warm up and shake out anything that might be bothering them as well as develop fluency in counting to 100.

Tables games were played daily to reinforce the addition table facts such as:
Quick flash
King of the castle
Last man standing
Tables tournament every Friday
Table points were given to all children who tried their best.

They completed daily practice number formation activities reinforcing the correct formation of all numbers to 20 each morning on entry to the class.

Children were all given a maths pack in September containing number lines, numicon shapes, counters, laminated cards with maths games reinforcing new concepts being taught in class as well as a whiteboard and marker to complete some practice questions in class

In addition, during maths week they also participated in a 2d shape hunt of the school environment as well as completing an online maths module run by Maths Week 2020.

Maith sibh Rang 1!!