Oíche Shamhna – Rang 1 & 2

Bhí Rang 1 agus Rang 2 ag foghlaim faoi laethanta na seachtaine le deanaí. Éist leo ag canadh cúpla amhráin!

Rang 1 agus 2 have recently been learning the days of the week as Gaeilge. While learning the days of the week, we learned two songs. Listen to their fantastic singing!

Ar fheabhas Rang 1 agus 2!

Rang 1 agus 2 have been working hard on some Halloween art over the last couple of weeks. They each made a ‘Witches Cauldron’ painting and ‘Handy Ghosts’.
We had Halloween celebrations in class on Friday. Everyone dressed up in their spooky costumes. We learned about the history of Halloween, did a quiz, watched some Halloween movies and had a dance party. We even had lots of treats.
It was a fun and spooky day!
See all our spooky Halloween art and costumes below!