Shoebox Appeal 2021

Ballyduff National School is proud to be involved in the very worthy shoebox appeal again this year. This initiative brings a Christmas present to poor children who live in the most impoverished areas of the world. The Christmas Shoebox Appeal helps children to gain a true understanding of how they can play an active role in empowering others and spreading some joy to those less fortunate than themselves.

Taking part is easy:

  1. Decorate a shoebox with Christmas paper
  2. Fill it with items referred to as the 4 W’s Wear/Write/Wash/Wow! (Wow includes sweets and toys, no soldiers/guns).
  3. Label the box with the label provided
  4. Return the box to the school

Below is an example of a decorated shoebox and some sample items that can be included in the box.


Further information regarding how to assemble and fill the box is available by following the following link: