Internet Safety Talk – Rang 3&4

On Friday, April 21st, Rang 3 & 4 had an Internet Safety talk with Detective Garda Paul Walsh.

The presentation informed children about:

  • keeping themselves safe online
  • identifying what cyberbullying is and what to do if it happens to them or a friend
  • how to behave safely and respectfully online
  • if they come across something inappropriate online or receive a hurtful message etc. to inform a parent or trusted adult
  • the danger of talking to and interacting with strangers online
  • being cognisant that adults sometimes purport to be children online and to always speak to their parents before engaging with unknown individuals
  • Keeping private information to themselves, such as their full name, address, date of birth, school name, football club name, etc.

An Internet Safety information booklet for parents will be sent home on Monday.

Further information for parents regarding internet safety is available on

We wish to thank Detective Walsh for a wonderful presentation and his time, it was very informative for our pupils.