Science Week – Rang 2 & 3

Second and Third have been learning about our bodies for Science Week.

We decided to do an experiment to see which drinks damage our teeth. Eggshells are made of a similar material to teeth so we used them to investigate the effect of eight different drinks. We chose water, milk, orange juice, Miwadi, coke, diet coke, tea and coffee. Each pod made some very interesting predictions. There was a lot of debate about whether the coke and the diet coke would affect the shell differently. We were very surprised to see the results after just 48 hours. As predicted the tea, coffee, coke and diet coke stained the eggshells. The orange juice, milk or water haven’t changed the eggshells yet. The Miwadi was the most interesting result! We are looking forward to checking our results again next week….tune in again for our finished results!!